Headstart Montessori Day Nursery

Headstart Montessori Day Nursery is situated in Goodmayes, Ilford. We are on on Green Lane, which is a  five minute walk to Goodmayes station (Great Eastern line). 

Our nursery is open year round from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Christmas week and bank holidays).

We provide childcare and Montessori education for babies and young children from the ages of three months to five years.

Fees include all meals, trips and extra curricular activities. These activities include sports sessions, yoga, dance and baby gym.

Headstart Montessori Day Nursery

Please find our contact details and enquiry form below.

634 Green Ln, Goodmayes, Ilford, IG3 9RZ

020 8599 5884



Montessori is an educational approach that is underpinned by 6 guiding principles. These are spirituality, order and structure, the sensitive period, senses, freedom, and culture and diversity. You can find out more about these here.

Montessori education promotes independence, the enjoyment of learning and is child centric. You can learn more about the differences between Montessori and Traditional teaching here.

Some studies report positive outcomes for certain curricular areas but not others. When comparing to a cohort of students of traditional education , the Montessori cohort scored significantly higher on maths and science. However, no differences were found for English and social studies. The results of these studies can be found in this Nature paper.

We have a waiting list for all of our rooms. If you would like to join our waiting list, please complete our enquiry form above.

We accept all different childcare voucher schemes and tax free childcare. payments. We also offer 15 hours and 30 hours funding.